Union Plus:


Union plus

As a Union Member you're eligible for great benefits, discounts and special rates through Union Plus. Car Rental Deals, Health & Gym savings, Pet Discounts, Cell Phone Discounts, Hotel Discounts, Vacation Discounts, just to name a few of the many benefits you're eligible to receive from Union Plus.

The best thing about it, there's no membership, no separate sign up form and no enrollment fee for any programs. If you're a union member you're automatically eligible for Union Plus programs!

Our union is looking out for our members' welfare both on and off the job, and with the many benefits you can access through Union Plus, UFCW members could save up to $3,819.85 a year!  Logon to www.unionplus.org and register today!


The Union Plus Mortgage Program is now administered through Wells Fargo. (See PDF)
The program offers a variety of benefits to Union Members seeking a new mortgage.

Union Plus members are offered 6 MONTH MORTGAGE PROTECTION in the case of a strike/layoff/disability

Members get FREE credit counsel and 12 Month educational series for first time home buyers

There is a particular benefit for those first time home buyers, looking to buy a home in Suffolk County. (See PDF)

Please contact Christine.B.Dawson@wellsfargo.net or 516-445-0521 for more information.