Local 1500 Members are eligible to apply for the following scholarships.

1. The Local 1500 Scholarship: Deadline to request application is December 31, 2020.

The UFCW Local 1500 annually awards scholarships to members and their dependents.

Click here to request an Application.

For further information on the UFCW 1500 Scholarship Program please contact 1-800-522-0456 ext: 1310.

2. The UFCW International Scholarship:

Apply here: 

Get more information here:

3. Union Plus Scholarships:

The 2020 Union Plus Scholarship is available to UFCW members and their children.

The Union Plus scholarships support our overall mission to help support union member and union leader higher education goals.

Over the past 22 years, union members and their children have received over 3.6 million Union Plus scholarship dollars.

Head to this link for more information.

Congratulations to our 2020 Local 1500 Scholarship Winners!

Three ($6,000) Memorial Scholarship Winners

Andrew Spiratos, Dep. of Peter Spiratos, BuonaDonna ShopRite #801

Patrick Gleeson Memorial Scholarship

Erica Albert, Dep. of John Albert, King Kullen #7

Eugene Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

Kevin Dowling, King Kullen #34

Frank Meehan Memorial Scholarship

Five ($3,000) Graduating High School Senior Winners

Rishika Thayavally, Dep. of Rahki Salil, Stop & Shop #559

Patrick O' Flaherty Memorial Scholarship

Elliot Rendon, Dep. of Gustavo Rendon, Mandell Key Food #566

Gabriella Bachmann, Dep. of Elba Bachmann, Glass Garden ShopRite #204

Ayat Bisharat, Dep. of Fida Abdelaziz, ShopRite #110

Alejandra Przybylo, Dep. of Lisa Przybylo, Stop & Shop #563


One ($1,500) Graduating High School Senior Winner(s)

Kristen Murphy, King Kullen #34

Five  ($1,500) College Winners

Rene Walker, Stop & Shop #2590

Cole Galchin, Stop & Shop #590

Latoya Edwards, Glass Gardens ShopRite #289

Aajaylah Hill, BuonaDonna ShopRite #801

Stephanie Bufano, King Kullen #59