Jimmy Wong, Pathmark

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You get the sense from spending some time with Jimmy that he loves to laugh and enjoy life.   Jimmy Wong started working at Pathmark when he was 16-years old. 

Today at nearly 60-years old, the light-hearted Wong brings the same smile and sense of humor to the overnight shift at Pathmark on 145th Street.   Aside from a short stint working afternoons early on, Jimmy has worked overnights his entire career,  “I like overnights, I got used to it early on, and ended up liking it,” he explained.  Born and raised in the Bronx, Jimmy is a proud parent of two children, and loves the benefits of belonging to a union,  “Job security is invaluable, if it wasn’t for the job security they [management] would have tried to get rid of me a while ago,” Wong laughed, “In today’s world, have you ever seen somebody work for the same company for 43-years?” Wong asked, “Not without a union!  Maybe if you’re the owner,” he laughed off and joked.  That’s what Jimmy Wong seems to do always do, laugh and live life light hearted, “You have to laugh, you have to, there’s nothing else you can do,” Wong concluded with a smile as he finished packing out.   

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